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Welcome to my new site!

Hello, there! Welcome to my new and improved author website!

On the left of the page you will see all of the usual – My photo, Facebook, Twitter, Archives, etc.

On the right, you will find my latest promotions, contests, and other dynamic content as I create it! ūüôā

And, of course, in the middle, you will find my blog!

Look towards the top of the page for links to my Bio, Books, Fantastic Adventures and my Contact Page, where you can book me for readings, conventions, or just drop a line and say hi!


Still alive, mostly

still_aliveSorry for the lack of posts lately, folks. Apparently the holiday rush has yet to end for me. Between balancing life as a full-time dad, writer and general housekeeper, I have not scheduled the proper time for my blog. Alas, I think I may have to throw getting sick into this mix. I may or may not have an impending fever and upset stomach. We’ll see what happens!

Rest assured, as part of my new year’s resolutions, I have officially scheduled time to be at “work”. I am continuing work on my two novels, and now that I have scheduled work hours I hope to be extremely productive and creative with both my novels and this blog!

I’m really looking forward to sharing my stories with you, as well as Fantastic Adventures in Family Entertainment, and other tidbits I happen on along the way.

Please leave a comment if there is a particular feature or idea you would like me to cover on this blog. I am always open to suggestions.

See you all (virtually) very soon!


Ryan R. Palmer

Book Series: The Mad Rush for the Big Payoff

Is that you, Harry Potter? Oh, it’s not? What’s that? Ah, you’re the other¬†character from a different book series about witches and wizards. My bad. You see, there are just so many book series out there these days that it is hard to follow along sometimes. The problem isn’t with you, generic magical hero. The problem lies with the publishers and writers. You see, the publishers only want something that they can stretch their dollar with. Why sell one book when you can sell seven of them! And if you’re a writer, why take the time to create new worlds and characters when there are perfectly good ones you already created? Just plop your characters – much like you, Harry, um, I mean magical hero – into the same settings and just tweak with the stories here and there and voila! instant book series! The publishers will love it! There will be a movie deal! Why make one movie when you can make three or four, or eight! Had The Hobbit¬†been written today it would have been made¬†into three books, just like it is being stretched into three movies. Who’s the hobbit? Well, never mind. I told you, you’re not the problem. You’re just doing your job. Please take your hand off of your wand.

Writers should write what they believe in and not what they believe will sell. You think you have¬† a lot of competition, wizard? You should have seen the vampire I met for breakfast. Poor guy. Everyone in the restaurant kept making fun of him. “When you gonna sparkle?”¬†they would ask. Hopefully this whole series bandwagon will die down once everyone slows down and sees the glutton of related content popping up everywhere. I mean, come on, we ended up with half off a Harry Potter book being about doing nothing in the woods. Some of these series just keep going for the sake of going. Dollar signs replace each key on the keyboard!

What’s that? Oh, sorry. I get a little carried away. Are you really having eyes of newt for lunch? Typical.