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Dead Skin Dave one year Anniversary!

Ahoy, mateys! In a few short weeks, it shall be one year since the release of Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate! To commemorate, the paperback copy of the book will be on sale for a limited time starting pretty much as soon as you read this!

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Now is a great time to buy or order a few extra copies for your friends, family, co workers, church, neighbors, homeless guy down the street, your post man….

coverfrontOnce upon a time , there was a short, skin-peeling mess of a pirate known to the world as Dead Skin Dave. Dave wanted nothing more than to impress his fellow pirates, but he rarely succeeded. Then one day, the feared Hairy Hazelroth sank his ship and left him stranded on an island full of wanna-be pirates!
Join Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate, his dim-witted first mate, Tom Swiftfellow, and the evil Hairy Hazelroth, as they face off across the high seas for the legendary lost cutlass o’ Captain Bo Ben in an adventure full of laughs and swashbuckling action!


Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss-PeregrinesI originally heard about this book when Tim Burton was rumored to be directing it’s feature film adaptation. Of course that caused me to immediately click the Buy button on my Kindle and begin reading. For a book with the words ‘Home for Peculiar Children’ in the title one would expect a fantastical world inhabited with imaginative creatures. In fact, the book starts out in a very normal way inhabited by very normal people. The story centers around Jacob, an angsty teenager who wishes he could leave his simple little home town and family behind for grand adventures. As a child he was close to his grandfather, Abe, who used to tell him stories and show him pictures of peculiar children. One could lift heavy objects with ease, another was invisible, and so on. These stories used to be Jacob’s favorite things in the entire world. Until, of course, he grew up and realized that they all had to be made up lies. It is only when he witnesses his grandfather’s death by a pack of vicious, mythical creatures, that Jacob begins to wonder if the stories were true.

Of course, witnessing his grandfather’s grisly demise is extremely traumatic, so his parents send him to counseling to deal with the loss. And then things get weird. Jacob’s grandfather, Abe, gave him a clue as he lay dying. Jacob thought not much of it until he realized it had to do with the stories he was told as a child. After all, if those strange creatures that had killed his grandfather actually exist, why couldn’t these kids? He becomes so obsessed that his psychologist convinces his parents he needs to visit the orphanage on a small island off the coast of Wales where his grandfather grew up in order to restore his sanity.

Soon after Jacob visits the remains of the destroyed orphanage, he finds himself journeying through a time loop where- surprise -the kids actually do exist and Abe was one of them. The rest of the story is yours to discover. I do not want to spoil anything, just get you hungry for the rest of the meal. Time loops, humans who turn into birds, a girl who can create fire in her hands, evil creatures called wights – all of these and more await you on Jacob’s journey to discover the peculiar past of his grandfather.

Ransom Riggs, the author, creates stunningly vivid landscapes with just a few simple words. You are certain to get sucked straight into the locales in this story. As I said previously, the book starts off in a completely different direction than I would have expected, and I feel it takes a tad too long to enter the world of peculiar children, but with a sequel out now, it makes sense to prolong the journey in the first book to get more miles out of the second. The pacing feels a bit bogged down in the beginning and then just breaks away in the later parts of the book.

The characters are fleshed out very well, giving each an endearing quality or, in the case of the bad guys, much to loath. Riggs goes beyond the static descriptions – “here’s the kid who can lift heavy stuff, here’s the invisible guy, here’s the shapeshifter” – and turns them into living, vibrant characters.

I was not expecting it to end on a cliffhanger, so I was quite surprised with the final direction of the story and wonder where else this story can go for another novel. In any case, it will be delightful to enter the world of Miss Peregrine and her peculiar children and see just which direction the story will go.

I highly recommend this book for the young adult in your household, and the parents, too. (You have to know what you’re kids are reading, right?) There are some more grown up themes like death, murder… angst. So keep this one away from the kiddos for a while.

Purchase: “Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and it’s sequel, “Hollow City

Kindle Countdown Deal: Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate!

Woo, another promotion for Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate! It never has been easier to get my latest book for cheap!

For the next four days, you can purchase the eBook for only $0.99! That is in addition to the buy the paperback, get the eBook free promotion.

What’s yer excuse mateys? Get on board with Dead Skin Dave as he searches for the Legendary Lost Cutlass of Captain Bo Ben!


Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate FREE e-book!

Say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall with one last pirate adventure!

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Introducing Kyle McDuffy, Elementary School Investigator!

Hello, readers! Today, I am excited to introduce you to my newest character, Kyle McDuffy. He is an adventurous fifth grader on a mission to solve all the mysteries at Pearson Elementary. With the help of nosy Cindy and nervous Will, Kyle will investigate the greatest mysteries of his time.
First Case: ‘Principal Adams and the Toupee of Terror!’

Look for the first case to be released right here, for free, with new cases added every few weeks.
When a substantial amount of cases are revealed to the public, a complete case work collection will be released in one paperback volume.

Be sure to use the Search bar on the right side of the Home screen and enter keyword Kyle McDuffy to see all of the posts!

Dead Skin Dave Coloring Pages

Ahoy, mateys! Dead Skin Dave, the pirate, here! I’m just checkin’ in on ye to make sure yer enjoyin’ me book!
If yer into colorin’ I’ve got some pages fer yer parents to print out!
Color it in as ye see fit, and if yer feelin’ up to it, have yer parents post yer drawin’ in the comments section so I can see the amazing job ye have done.
Now, get coloring!

Scan (2)

Scan (6)

Parents, print these out and present for your kids to color! Take them to school functions, picnics, car rides, hand them out to all of your friends and family!

Dead Skin Dave coming in April

Get ready for the swashbuckling, witty adventure of Dead Skin Dave the Pirate and his first mate, Tom, coming this April!

Up until that time I will be sharing exclusive photos, concept art and more as I get the book ready for publication.

Stay tuned!

Fantastic Adventure Christmas Edition: The Polar Express

polar-expressMost kids are familiar with the lovely book by Chris Van Allsburg, but lesser known is the somewhat recent film adaptation by Robert Zemeckis.  The film adds several elements to the story, including multiple characters, intriguing plot points, and dialogue that fits right in with the book. The story revolves around a boy and his journey on the Polar Express on its way to the North Pole to see Santa Claus.

Why it is a fantastic adventure: The animation is top of the line technology, as all of the actors actually look and act like themselves due to stellar face and movement recognition software.
The story is filled with adventure as it follows around a group of kids. Not only will your kids be excited for the adventure, they will relish the fact that this journey is from the point of view of kids. They will be hoping and believing that they can go on an adventure just like this one.
Perhaps the best reason to watch this movie with your kids this Christmas: They will undoubtedly believe in Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas the-polar-expresscheer after watching this film.
Overall, it is a fun film filled with a lot of action sequences and a heartwarming and inspiring ending. Make a batch of hit chocolate and settle in one the couch for an unforgettable adventure.