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Kindle Countdown Deal: Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate!

Woo, another promotion for Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate! It never has been easier to get my latest book for cheap!

For the next four days, you can purchase the eBook for only $0.99! That is in addition to the buy the paperback, get the eBook free promotion.

What’s yer excuse mateys? Get on board with Dead Skin Dave as he searches for the Legendary Lost Cutlass of Captain Bo Ben!


Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate! Special Discount

Hello, folks! I know I said I’d take the day off, but Amazon just launched a great promotion that I would like to share with you.

Starting today, all purchases of the paperback version of Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate! will allow you to download the eBook for your Kindle device or app absolutely FREE!

Now you can take Dead Skin Dave with you wherever you go! Let your kids read it on your iPad, smartphone or Kindle device It’s a great way to always keep your kids reading!

Just add the book to your cart, checkout and the eBook version will be made available to you for free.

Click here to buy now!


Amazon helps self-publishers once again with Kindle MatchBook

Sales not going the way you expected? Amazon has launched a new program to help your e-book sales grow.
In short, it is a way for readers to purchase your physical book and get the e-book at a discounted rate. Now your readers have cheaper access to both a physical copy and an e-book of your latest novel for one low price.
Read all about it here: https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=AVJCUBZXDNUM4&ref_=pe_452610_32244650