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A Swashbucklin’ Good Time (To be cliche)

Ahoy, Mateys! Captain Dead Skin Dave is here, again! I be gettin’ very excited ta share me adventure with ye. Thar just be a few weeks until you can read all about my search for the Lost Cutlass o’ Captain Bo Ben, and my run in with the notorious evil pirate, Hairy Hazelroth!

Now, before my adventure comes out, I’d like ta make all of my young readers official members o’ Captain Dead Skin Dave’s crew! Thar only be a few simple steps ya need to do in order ta join.

Step 1: Ask yer parents if ya can be a junior pirate for Dead Skin Dave!

Step 2: Take the official Captain Dead Skin Dave Junior Pirate Oath:
I, (your name), promise to be the best junior pirate I can!
I will read all of Dead Skin Dave’s adventures,
Follow all orders from my Captains, Mom and Dad!
Speak like a pirate as often as I can,
And go outside and have a swashbucklin’ good time!

Step 3: Download and print out the Official Captain Dead Skin Dave’s Junior Pirates Badge!

I Claim this Blog for Pirates Everywhere!

Well, hello there. This is Dead Skin Dave, and  have officially taken over this here blog. I’m not really sure what a blog is, but here I am anyways. I was able ta escape out o’ me book and into his strange world. Ryan was actually sleepin’ at the time, so he doesn’t quite know yet.

Anyways, I am here to tell ye all that my greatest adventure is comin’ to a bookstore near you in less than one month! Stay tuned fer more updates from me all month long.

You see, I wasn’t always a famous pirate. Har, I thought I was, but I didn’t know any better. I was – huh? What’s that? Yes, Tom, I know ye think I have always been a famous pirate. Sorry, folks. That was my first mate, Tom. Fortune was smilin’ down on me the day that me met. In fact, that is what started out my greatest adventure. I guess without further ado, I present the synopsis for the book of my adventure. Hope ye enjoy it!

“Once upon a time , there was a salty seadog of a pirate known to the world as Dead Skin Dave. His short stature and horrible peeling skin made him
the most unique pirate to ever sail the seas. His fellow pirates treated him as a joke, but one day Dead Skin Dave proved them all wrong.

     One day, while sailing for the legendary lost cutlass of BoBen, the evil pirate Hairy Hazelroth sinks Dave’s ship, leaving him on an island full of  wannabe pirates. There, Dave meets his future first mate Tom and realizes his opportunity to finally become a real pirate captain among these dim-witted inhabitants. Dave and Tom set sail only to have Hairy Hazelroth cross their path again in what ends up being a life changing journey for everyone involved.”

Oh, thar be lots ta share with ya, mates! Look for more coming soon! Tom, get me my slippers….


Dead Skin Dave coming in April

Get ready for the swashbuckling, witty adventure of Dead Skin Dave the Pirate and his first mate, Tom, coming this April!

Up until that time I will be sharing exclusive photos, concept art and more as I get the book ready for publication.

Stay tuned!

Exciting things on the horizon

Hello, faithful readers! I have a few exciting updates I would like to share with you tonight.

I will be running a special Christmas edition of my Fantastic Adventures series- just as I did with Halloween- filled with some of my favorite family friendly Christmas and holiday movies, books and TV specials. I hope you will enjoy it and discover great new entertainment options to share with your kids (or, kids, get your parents to watch with you!).

Second, I am pleased to announce the date of my next book, Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate. Expect it to sail into your home Tuesday, April 16th. I know this is one that some of you have been waiting for, and I am very happy to finally get everything ironed out for a release date.

I look forward to sharing my writing with all of you.