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Halloween candy review: Bags O’ Blood

Throughout the month I will be reviewing unusually creepy Halloween candy. Anyone can give out the usual M&M, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix mix. Stand out by giving a unique treat that will both repulse and excite the kids in your neighborhood.

LiquidBloodCandyHave you ever wished you could drink blood? Well, now you can (sort of). These small bags of blood are just enough to satisfy a small craving. If you’re looking to quench a bigger thirst, it’s best to find a blood bank somewhere. These packets area bit on the small side. They are about as wide as two fingers and about 3 inches tall. These bags of blood are actually filled with a¬†watermelon flavored corn syrup concoction. They are high on sugar content and loaded with artificial flavoring. What’s not to like?
Perhaps the best reason to give these out for Halloween is to see the reaction of the kids in your neighborhood. Most kids have reacted with delightful disgust as they grab a few bags and run down to tell their friends: “He has bags of blood!” That, my friends, is what it is all about!

You can order Bags O’ Blood from Oriental Trading.