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Fantastic Adventures Halloween Edition: Berenstain Bears go on a Ghost Walk

The Berenstain Bears are a popular series for both parents and kids because it teaches great life lessons, helping the parents approach difficult subjects. This Halloween edition has a similar theme, in that it teaches about dressing up for Halloween and why being scary is okay. When Papa Bear gets to design a haunted house for the school’s Ghost Walk at Halloween, he decides that it’s going to be the scariest Ghost Walk ever, with every frightening thing he can possibly use. Mama Bear is concerned that he might be going too far, especially since this event is for young children, but Papa is having too much fun to take her warning seriously. Then, a nightmare of his own causes him to reconsider.

Why it is a fantastic adventure: As mentioned above, the book teaches about Halloween and the appropriateness of the scary costumes, decorations and evil creatures shown on TV.
It is a good chance for parents to have a great conversation about Halloween costumes and what is appropriate. Of course, the level of that appropriateness is up to each individual parent. The illustrations also allow for your kids to open up their imaginations and really get into the different aspects of dressing up for Halloween. it is a great way to help them kick start costume ideas.

Fantastic Adventures Halloween Edition: Disney’s Halloween Treat

The next stop on our Halloween adventures: Disney’s Halloween Treat. This 45 minute video was released in 1982 and was a mainstay on the Disney Channel through the 1980s and part of the 1990s. Unfortunately, it no longer airs on broadcast television. But, you can find it on YouTube in seven parts. Link will be at the end of the post. This Halloween special centers around Disney villains, creepy stories with your favorite characters (Mickey, Huey, Dewy and Louie, etc.), and there are clips from some obscure Disney cartoons not seen since the 1970s.
They all feature creepy settings, vivid characters and perfect family Halloween thrills. A talking jack-o’-lantern introduces each story which include such creepy scenes as dancing skeletons, Donald Duck hiding from a rampaging gorilla, the “Night on Bald Mountain” segment from Fantasia, the wizard’s duel from Sword in the Stone,  and even a clip of the Headless Horseman chasing down poor Ichabod.  These are just a few of the great segments you will find in this video.

Why it is a fantastic adventure: Halloween is always a special time when you are a kid (and it should be when you’re an adult, too). This is one of those rare videos that can both frighten children while also making them howl for more when it is all over. It has just the right amount of “scare” and creepy imagery mixed with the pleasantness of Disney.
The truth is, we all love being scared. Your kids will be on the edge of their seats as they await whatever creepy creature is awaiting them in the next segment. It offers the thrill of being scared with the safety of the Disney brand.
If your kids love Halloween and all the creatures that go along with it, then they will definitely enjoy this video. there are creatures of all kinds.
This is also a great moment for your little kids to teach them what Halloween is all about. There may be scary and evil creatures, dark settings and spooky stories, but in the end it is all about having fun while being scared, getting and eating candy, and dressing up as your favorite creature or character. Of course, there is also a greater reason for Halloween, which you may share with your youngsters (but most of them won’t be ready to understand it), the remembrance and celebration of lost souls: relatives, ancestors, and all loved ones.
In the end, Disney’s Halloween Treat is a fun adventure for the entire family with some great scary moments, classic Disney characters and a great representation of all that is good about Halloween.

You can watch Disney’s Halloween treat in seven parts on YouTube. Start here: http://youtu.be/ASuuZejf8VE

Fantastic Adventure #2: The Song & Dance Man

The second choice from my series Fantastic Adventures in Family Entertainment, is a Caldecott Award Winner, and you may be familiar with it. It is The Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman.
Sitting down and reading a physical book with our kids seems to be on the way out, as more and more parents are using Kindle Fires or iPads for children’s books. Those are nice alternatives if you don’t want books taking up shelf space in your home, but then your kids can’t draw in the book, hold the book with dirty hands, etc. With Song and Dance Man, I feel it is important to hold the physical book in your hands. It really helps the kids get lost in the world of the book when they can hold it themselves and put it right in their faces.

Glorious artwork allows your child to get lost in the world of the story.


Why it is a fantastic adventure: There is not much text in this story but what there is tells of a grand adventure. A trunk is discovered in an attic (where all great adventures begin) that contains grandpa’s old vaudeville top hat, cane. The kids learn that their grandpa used to be quite the dancer in his day, instead of the old man he is now. When I was a kid we never went up in the attic, so, of course, my mind went straight to all the possibilities up there. This book only furthers that imaginative lifestyle and gets your kid thinking and creating his or her own world of what could be up in the attic.
The illustrations are also a huge part of this adventure. They take up most of the page and really suck the reader into the world that they represent. I fondly remember staring at these illustrations for hours on end and creating new encounters in my mind every time. “Okay, there’s a radio in the corner. What if I turned it on? What type of music would come on?” This is a great way for your children to start viewing drawings and pictures as art forms. There are such detailed images in this story that your children could spend hours creating new ideas in their heads. Encourage them to draw or write out these new ideas to share with you.

This book does a masterful job with creating an adventure and allowing your children to become truly enveloped in the world it creates.