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Play with action figures!

There are a few things that kids can do that are frowned upon when we were adults. for some reason, playing with action figures is one of them. And I say actions figures because I am a boy and I don’t play with dolls!

When I was a kid, I spent most evenings and weekends playing with my Batman the Animated Series action figures. In my head I created the most elaborate and imaginative stories that I would kill to be writing today. So, what happened? Like most kids, I grew up, stopped playing with toys, and stopped using my imagination, instead letting my imagination be dictated for me through movies and TV shows.┬áThe next logical step in this story involves me picking up some action figures and playing, right? Well, not really. yes, I am advocating for playing with action figures, yet I am not doing it myself… yet. It’s more of an idea that popped into my head whilst thinking of amazing storylines for my next book. The ideas just weren’t coming like they usually do. So I got to thinking: What could I do to spark creativity? And then it hit me. we just had an earthquake and a picture fell right on my head. Where was I? Oh yes, creativity!

Why can’t adults play with action figures? Or, more accurately, why don’t creative types play with action figures? Creating a story all comes from the head. why not have a little visual aid to go along with it? We could come up with a line of writer action figures. Get a little Edgar Allan Poe vs. Cormac McCarthy or something. That could be fun! I wonder who would have the kung fu grip…?
Being serious for a moment, playing with action figures definitely sparked my creativity in the past, and I have no doubt it would do so today. It’s all about creating stories, forming images, in our minds. Take a few minutes out of your day to find an activity that will enhance your creativity. Sure, it could be playing with action figures. Or maybe you really like to paint, ride a bike, etc. You will be a better writer for it.