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I Claim this Blog for Pirates Everywhere!

Well, hello there. This is Dead Skin Dave, and  have officially taken over this here blog. I’m not really sure what a blog is, but here I am anyways. I was able ta escape out o’ me book and into his strange world. Ryan was actually sleepin’ at the time, so he doesn’t quite know yet.

Anyways, I am here to tell ye all that my greatest adventure is comin’ to a bookstore near you in less than one month! Stay tuned fer more updates from me all month long.

You see, I wasn’t always a famous pirate. Har, I thought I was, but I didn’t know any better. I was – huh? What’s that? Yes, Tom, I know ye think I have always been a famous pirate. Sorry, folks. That was my first mate, Tom. Fortune was smilin’ down on me the day that me met. In fact, that is what started out my greatest adventure. I guess without further ado, I present the synopsis for the book of my adventure. Hope ye enjoy it!

“Once upon a time , there was a salty seadog of a pirate known to the world as Dead Skin Dave. His short stature and horrible peeling skin made him
the most unique pirate to ever sail the seas. His fellow pirates treated him as a joke, but one day Dead Skin Dave proved them all wrong.

     One day, while sailing for the legendary lost cutlass of BoBen, the evil pirate Hairy Hazelroth sinks Dave’s ship, leaving him on an island full of  wannabe pirates. There, Dave meets his future first mate Tom and realizes his opportunity to finally become a real pirate captain among these dim-witted inhabitants. Dave and Tom set sail only to have Hairy Hazelroth cross their path again in what ends up being a life changing journey for everyone involved.”

Oh, thar be lots ta share with ya, mates! Look for more coming soon! Tom, get me my slippers….