Still alive, mostly

still_aliveSorry for the lack of posts lately, folks. Apparently the holiday rush has yet to end for me. Between balancing life as a full-time dad, writer and general housekeeper, I have not scheduled the proper time for my blog. Alas, I think I may have to throw getting sick into this mix. I may or may not have an impending fever and upset stomach. We’ll see what happens!

Rest assured, as part of my new year’s resolutions, I have officially scheduled time to be at “work”. I am continuing work on my two novels, and now that I have scheduled work hours I hope to be extremely productive and creative with both my novels and this blog!

I’m really looking forward to sharing my stories with you, as well as Fantastic Adventures in Family Entertainment, and other tidbits I happen on along the way.

Please leave a comment if there is a particular feature or idea you would like me to cover on this blog. I am always open to suggestions.

See you all (virtually) very soon!


Ryan R. Palmer

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