And the Winner is…

1381640_620103961366672_1621603413_nFirst of all, thank you for all of the wonderful comments about Halloween, and thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you will keep coming back for the rest of 31 days of Halloween!

Now onto the part everyone cares about. The winner of Hotel Transylvania and Monster House is … Serena! Her comment really encompassed a true love of the atmosphere of Halloween and it really clicked with me.
“Well even though I’m growing into an adult, I will still always love Halloween. Not really for the candy, but I love that brisk night when almost all the leaves have fallen and you get that natural rush from all the sights and smells. My favorite part is dressing up as a fun, crazy zombie, or the dark and mysterious wanderer ( I will even dress up even when its not Halloween!). Either way its the best, not to mention decorating and visiting the local haunted house. And lets not forget the sleepovers and watching horror spoofs! That’s what I call Halloween. :)  Hope you like my post, I love Hotel Transylvania! Adam Sandler gets me every time.”

Check your e-mail so I can get the movies out to you.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated. It was a tough call, there were some great entries! Stay tuned for my Halloween costume contest starting  next week with your chance to win a signed copy of my book plus an Amazon gift card.

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