Movie Giveaway: Win Monster House and Hotel Transylvania

As part of my 31 Days of Halloween festivities I will be holding several contests throughout the month, including a movie giveaway, jack-o’-lantern contest, and costume contest.

Today I will be giving away copies of two fantastic Halloween inspired films, Hotel Transylvania and Monster House. Details below!
Bookmark this post so you can come back all week to edit your entry or tell your friends.
NOTE: Film will be in your country’s Region Code, so everyone from around the globe is eligible!


15 thoughts on “Movie Giveaway: Win Monster House and Hotel Transylvania

  1. Well I guess the obvious answer is the candy….but I love the feeling in the air. The cool Fall weather supercharged with the excitement of the children as they go door to door. I remember as a child I couldn’t wait to get home from school and put my costume on.

  2. my daughter Jacklyn’s birthday is in October, each year her birthday party theme was Halloween. Each year on Halloween night we did a huge horror haunted yard, ppl from all over came to go thru the yard, one year was the Indiana Jones Chronicles, one year was just a grave yard haunt, and one year was Pirates of the Caribbean, as an example. we all played “acted” different roles, Jacklyn loved it. she loved to “scare” others. Jacklyn’s last Halloween was 2007, she was killed in car accident at the age of 16 two months later. I still love Halloween for the amazing memories!!

  3. Firstly, the smell of fall air, and the leaves crunching beneath your feet, Secondly, trick or treating the chocolate.. just so delicious! Thirdly, having that one day, to decorate my house with spiders, cobwebs, skeletons, bats, (etc). Fourthly, having the chance to see all of these scary, or Halloween costumes. Fifthly, haunted houses, Chills and thrills, who doesn’t love em’? Sixthly, Pumpkin picking, and carving, we actually attempted this Mickey mouse pumpkin, might do it again this year! seventh, watching scary Halloween flicks, with your family, or friends. I watched ‘Monster House’, and ‘Hotel Transylvania.’ let me just say, both are super hilarious, and still are to me! Eighth, Halloween parties! Who doesn’t love a great fun-filled party, especially on Halloween, we mostly are: bobbing for apples, pin the stem on the pumpkin, hitting a pinata, full of candy. Ninth, Halloween songs, such as from the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘This Is Halloween.’ Tenth: But, most of all spending it with the ones you love!

    Happy Halloween, may it be safe, and blessed. (:

  4. I loved Halloween as a child for the candy, but now I love it because my wife and I do couple outfits every year. This year she is going to be Han Solo and I’m going to be Lando Calrissian.

  5. I love halloween because it gives me the chance to scare random people and as that goes on get candy while doing it. Plus you get to spend time with some pretty awesome friends

  6. Yay!!! I hope I win these :)))))) my son LOVES MONSTER HOUSE & we just got a blue ray player. Our copy of monster house isn’t blue ray..

  7. Love love love these movies! Esp Hotel Transylvania…it is my son’s favorite!!!! Hope we can win these it would really make his day!!!!

  8. Where could I start? I love obivsouly the free candy! The spookey feeling in the air. The movies and shows that are on a week or so before Halloween!! The time when you get to be with ALL of your friends dressed up having a great time. That weird feeling you get when it becomes night when just randomly you just become a little scared even tho there is nothing there!! The cool air breeze seeing everyones costumes mostly the home made ones those are always funny to see! So with that said…I really cant pick my ONE favorite thing about halloween

  9. I love passing candy out to little kids , I always give more to the kids who act like the character they are dressed up as .

  10. Seriously…. like what’s not to love about Halloween???? That’s my answer lol 😀 muwahahaha!! ILOVEHOTEL.T.!! My son is gunna be a Ninja Turtle, well if the costume makes it to Halloween he won’t take it off!! Lmao.

  11. Well even though Im growing into an adult, I will still always love Halloween. Not really for the candy, but i love that brisk night when almost all the leaves has fallen and you get that natural rush from all the sights and smells. My favorite part is dressing up as a fun, crazy zombie, or the dark and mysterious wanderer ( I will even dress up even when its not Halloween!). Either way its the best, not to mention decorating and visiting the local haunted house. And lets not forget the sleepovers and watching horror spoofs! Thats what I call Halloween. 🙂 Hope you like my post, I love Hotel Transylvania! Adam Sandler gets me everytime.

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