My Top 5 Outdoor Halloween Decorations

As you now know, decorating is one of my favorite things about Halloween. Maybe you’re looking to add a little Halloween ambiance to your neighborhood. If you’re not, you should! Your goal should be to inspire your entire block to decorate for Halloween as thoroughly as possible! When I started decorating, my parents’ house was the only one on the block putting any effort into it. A few years later a couple of other houses got in the mix. Not quite total domination, but I’ll take it. In keeping with the theme of my blog, these decorations will be safe for the entire family!
All items available from Oriental Trading.



Ghost Tree Hugger. Wrap this little guy around a tree, fence bush, etc. for simple and festive Halloween decor!




Spider Pumpkin Push Ins. Have an extra pumpkin around that you didn’t carve? Stick these creepy spiders on them to  turn a plain pumpkin into something festive.





Betty Bash the Crashing Witch. The classic! This is a great way to add a bit of humor to your Halloween decorations.




Grim Reaper Carriage.  Don’t settle for just pumpkins and tree decorations. Erect this grim reaper in your yard and get the neighborhood’s attention!




Color Changing Mummy. Set this guy down on the lawn, surrounded by some fake moss or soil and you have an instant eye-catching mummy emerging from your front lawn!



So, there you have it! Look for more outdoor decor ideas later this month!

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