Halloween Candy Review: Oozing Eyeballs!

Throughout the month I will be reviewing unusually creepy Halloween candy. Anyone can give out the usual M&M, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix mix. Stand out by giving a unique treat that will both repulse and excite the kids in your neighborhood.

AAAADIqMLOQAAAAAAdnpKAToday’s Halloween candy review is for Oozing Eyeballs!
The packaging stands out as somewhat sickening. I mean who really wants to eat an eyeball? Kids, do! Of course, they will be grossed out for a few minutes by looking at the picture on the wrapper, but that is all part of the excitement and adventure of Halloween night!
7Once you get the package open, however, there is a bit of a disappointment factor. The artwork on the outside does not resemble the product inside. It is simply a plain white marshmallow puff filled with a flavored candy gel inside. No designs on the marshmallow themselves, just plain white. However, just the idea of eating an eyeball is sickening enough that most will hesitate to pop it in their mouths. The taste is a squishy, gooey sensation that would probably be a lot like eating a real eyeball with sugar poured all over it.
If you’ve ever had Gushers fruit snacks, the taste and gooeyness is similar.

The candy comes in multiple flavors, and is available from Oriental Trading.



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