Fantastic Adventure: Shipwrecked

Today’s entry in Fantastic Adventures in Family Entertainment is the little known high seas adventure, Shipwrecked.
The story centers around a young boy, Haakon, who sails off as a cabin boy in order to save his family’s home. Little does he know, the ship’s captain and crew have all been replaced by pirates, who need the ship to return to a deserted sand to dig up their gold.
Young Haakon, shipmate Jens and stowaway Mary discover the pirates’ plan and are forced to walk the plank in the middle of a storm. Haakon washes up alone on a deserted island and soon discovers it is the hiding place of the pirates’ treasure. Can he recover the treasure before the pirates return? Will he find his friends? Most importantly, how will he get home?

Why it is a fantastic adventure: A young boy must survive on his own on a deserted island. Your kids will experience all the classic survival stuff: building shelters out of palm trees, weapons out of sticks, and eating coconuts and fish. A sense of exploration is crucial to your kids’ upbringing as creative individuals. They will be in Haakon’s shoes as he creates booby traps, fights for survival and attempts to stop the pirates from getting their treasure.
Haakon is a great young character for your kids to look up to and identify with. He handles himself with poise as he is stranded alone with nothing but his instincts and smarts. Your kids will be itching to go on an adventure of their own, and don’t be surprised if you walk in to your living room being converted into a deserted island.
This movie is a great way to let your kids explore their imaginations and get them to do creative things with whatever they have laying around the house. Since they will be pretending they are on a deserted island they will be making radios out of coconuts and shelters out

Haakon and Jens being held captive by pirates
Haakon and Jens being held captive by pirates

of bed sheets. If you happen to have an indoor palm tree, expect that you will no longer have it in the near future!
Overall, Shipwrecked is a fantastic adventure film safe for the entire family, and your kids will bond with Haakon and his island adventures.

Shipwrecked is available on DVD on

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Adventure: Shipwrecked”

  1. I used to love this movie as a kid, but I haven’t seen it since. Another one I loved was the Swiss Family Robinson movie. I’m going to have to go find this movie now. Thanks

    1. David, same here! Saw it in the movie theater and had to go back the next day to experience the adventure.
      The DVD is pretty cheap on Amazon, or you can rent it on Amazon Instant Video for $2.99

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