Inspiration Place: Mall Food Court

WP_000050I’ve been spending the last month going around to different locations to find inspiration for characters and stories. This is my first post in the series.

The first location I stumbled upon for inspiration is the food court at Westminster Mall in Westminster, CA. The food court is one of those places that is always busy and full of interesting people. This particular food court has a lot of different table settings, making it easy to get many different views of the area. My favorite, the counter seating, which allows for a high vantage point, and I don’t look odd sitting by myself.
Sitting in a food court, one overhears many conversations, some intriguing, others bland. There is never a lack of good story content coming from those around you.
Televisions blare out whatever advertisement the mall has paid for, which can be a little distracting, but also easily filtered out.
There are a large variety of people walking around the food court, representing every piece of the American melting pot, a perfect opportunity to create interesting and lifelike characters.
The Westminster Mall food court provides a classic American Mall vibe circa the 1980s and 90s, which provides a very rare energy that is strangely nostalgic and inspiring at the same time.

Overall, writing in a mall food court is a little distracting (and hunger inducing), but a great opportunity to create some very interesting characters and storylines.

One thought on “Inspiration Place: Mall Food Court”

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