Watch the video below from the film “Smoke”, based on the short story Auggie’s Story.
This is a great example of how to tell a story. Note that the actors are just sitting at a table. There is no action going on, it is just pure 100% storytelling.

Auggie, the one speaking, immediately draws you in by setting the place, time of year, and characters in his anecdote. Bringing your reader into the world of the story is a crucial piec eof storytelling that often gets overlooked in favor of action or exposition.
Once the scene is set, Auggie is able to launch into telling the action of the story, made even more memorable because the reader can now see the world in which the anecdote takes place.

This is a very basic approach to storytelling and incredibly refreshing in its simplicity.

Click the link below, or watch the video in the post below!

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