Art Contest!!

Hello everyone! Starting today and running through June, I will be holding an art contest to draw what you think Dead Skin Dave and Tom Swiftfellow should look like based on their appearances from the following descriptions. The Winner will have his or her art displayed as I go on my first promotional tour around Southern California at the end of this year. The Winner shall also receive an autographed copy of Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate when it is published in late 2012.

DAVE: There once was a salty sea dog of a pirate known to the world as Dead Skin Dave. His short stature and horrible peeling skin made him the most unusual pirate to ever sail the seas. His brown, ratty hair waved in the wind. His tattered red shirt and baggy blue pants looked like they had seen too many days at sea. Dave’s rough hand went to the peeling skin on his face. As a young child, Dave was left out in the sun for far too long, causing his skin to dry out and peel. His condition has never gotten better.

TOM: A tall gangly man with long brown hair and brown eyes stood in front of Dave. His outfit consisted of a red polka-dot bandana, brown cloth pants tied with a piece of rope, and a white ruffled shirt that was torn in several places. A wooden sword rests on his waist, held in place by the rope. His large nose looked like a squash sitting on his face, and a single silver earring hung from his left ear. Dave felt awkwardly comfortable with the man’s cheesy grin.

The Rules:
Open to ALL AGES starting January 27, 2011 to June 30, 2011.
There are no restrictions! Be creative!

Please fold and mail your drawing in a standard envelope!

Submit your picture to: OR mail your hand drawn image to:
Ryan R Palmer
PO Box 14422
Long Beach, CA 90853

Winner determined by Ryan R Palmer.


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