A further sampling

Hello there! Today, I am presenting my followers with an exclusive look at the entire first two pages of Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate! I urge all of my fans to give me feedback on my work. How do you like it and what would you like to see in my pirate adventure story? Without further ado, here is the world premiere of the first two pages of Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate:

“Raise anchor! Lower the sails!” Dead Skin Dave barked orders in his raspy voice to his crew as he stood on a barrel to see, his rough hands on his hips, and chest puffed to the blue, cloudless sky. Four chimps, each with a small pirate hat upon its head, stared back with blank expressions. Dave stepped off the barrel and sat down on the deck, giving a big sigh. The chimps spotted a banana tree on a nearby island, jumped into a rowboat, and rowed away.

“I’ll never have me own crew,” Dave said.

Just then, a dark shadow appeared over Dave’s small ship, and he looked up in shock as he saw a massive pirate ship with a skeleton bulkhead and massive cannons looming towards him.

“Avast there! I have come for ye ship, ya scum!” The deep voice of Hairy Hazelroth said to Dave.

Hairy Hazelroth was the vilest and despised pirate of all the seas! Every visible part of his body covered in dark black hair, green ribbons tied to the end of his enormously long beard, and his giant black Captain’s hat, all made this notorious pirate easily identifiable. Hairy and his crew were known for pillaging not only Royalty ships, but even the ships of fellow pirates. Now Hairy Hazelroth had come for Dead Skin Dave! Dave peered over the wall of his ship and whimpered.

Aah! Ye sure are one ugly-looking scallywag! ‘Tis no wonder ye don’t have a crew. No one would want to look at that hideous face,” Hairy said.

Dave’s hand went to the peeling skin on his face. As a young child, Dave was left out in the sun for far too long, causing his skin to dry out and peel. His condition has never gotten better.

Hairy removed his cutlass from the brown sheath at his side and pointed it at Dave. “Ye shall jump overboard and give me yer ship!” Hairy said.

Dave slowly stood up, cowered to the edge of the ship, and prepared to jump. “P-please don’t kill me,” Dave said, tears welling in his eyes. Dave looked straight into the green pointy eyes of Hairy Hazelroth and jumped straight into the ocean. A few seconds later, the cannons on Hairy’s boat boomed, and Dave’s ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. Dave grabbed a piece of wood and fainted, drifting away on the tide.

3 thoughts on “A further sampling”

  1. I like the revisions so far. You have come a long way from the first draft I read. I like the little comic bits you put in i.e. the monkee crew rowing away.

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