A sampling…

Here is a little sample of what you can look forward to in Dead Skin Dave, the Pirate!

“Hairy… Hairy Hazelroth! He’s here?!” Dave’s confidence was gone from his voice.

All of the pirates stopped what they were doing, got up and ran, screaming, past Dave and Tom, bumping them on their way to the basement, bolting the door behind them. The bartender took the pieces of eight from his cash drawer and ran to the back exit. Dave and Tom were left stranding alone in the tavern.

“Well, shoot,” Dave said.

“Well, at least we have the place to ourselves,” Tom said.

“Don’t you understand? Hairy Hazelroth will take us prisoner!” Dave shook Tom by the shoulders.

“Well, I should get a drink of grog while I can.” Dave watched Tom grab a mug from a nearby table.

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